jeudi 17 juillet 2014

New Yorker than you, than you, than you.

 I'm back in NYC after an amazing week in Montréal and Québec, such wonderful places. It was my really first time in Canada and I fell in love ( with the country and their poutine too hahaha). 
I'm now back in Manhattan for my very last few days in New York. What is next for me? Madrid! I will miss New York a LOT though... It already breaks my heart to know that I won't be able to go to SoHo anymore in such a short time... I have been doing a lot of shopping lately in order to get as many souvenirs of New York as possible that are meaningful for me. And yesterday, I came across this little shop in the Lower East Side... I think it's supposed to be only for men, but come on... hahah.  The name is ONLY
There,I found this ADORABLE and BRILLIANT and AWESOME little tote bag " New Yorker than you, than you, than you". It's probably one of my favorite things I got in 7 months here haha! Also, I got this really cute beanie because i'm a beanie obsessed. Both $14 so very affordable. 

This one is not from the same store, I got this one at Neff. It's a beanie that I saw a lot this past winter in New York, and I really loved it. It was $17

I'm looking for a "flashy" yellow one now and then my beanie collection will be perfect! Any suggestions for me? 

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