mardi 1 juillet 2014

Hi guys! 

Sorry I have been missing on this blog for a few months. I had lost my password and I was really busy with my internship and traveling. I just got back from Virginia and really wanted to post a new article!

So, since I've moved to NYC, I am a sneaker-obsessed. Since I've been here I've been wearing heels for events that I have to attend and that's it haha! Here are my favorite ones:

- Black Nike Run: these are my really favorite! I wear them all the time in weekends and when i'm travelling.
Pink Nike Run: I wanted a "flashy" pair as well so I got those. I love them !!!
- White short converses: I was not a big fan of converses anymore but since I'm in NYC I fell in love again. It's very cute with certain outfits I think :)
- Green New balance. I don't have these yet, but I really want to get them!!!

My new Instagram name is: its_laurenep :) follow me for more posts!!

What do you think? :)

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