dimanche 6 avril 2014

Coup de Coeur! 

Hi everyone! I went shopping yesterday. I wanted to buy clothes from American Stores but I didn't find anything. So I went to ZARA and I saw these 2 amazing jackets!!! I'm in love. You can clearly tell who has been their inspiration... but who cares? haha.

I also love their colors for this year. I'm going to wear a lot of black, white, yellow , pink and navy blue this year for summer! so excited!

The white one is $89 and the other one is $119 if I recall correctly!

I have also purchased a Jawbone Bracelet. So my next article will be about this bracelet! If you don't know what it is, you should start googling it, it's awesome haha! It helps you to have a healthy lifestyle :) 

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