samedi 11 janvier 2014

Shopping trip before NYC part II 

I'll be in NYC next week !!! I am so exited and also a little nervous since I'm flying without anyone from my family :( ! My mom and I went shopping again to buy me stuff for NYC. Here is what I got. Excuse the mess in my room, but I'm currently throwing/giving away a lot of things , packing ... so yeah... I have an excuse hahahah! This is probably my last or one of my very last article on this blog before I move out of Paris. In fact, I have SO many things to do before I go and people to see... I hope you understand ! And you can still follow me on my instagram @itslaurenep_ I update it quite often hihi :) 

have a good day :) 

dress from Comptoir des Cotonniers: 180 euros
Shoes from Jonak : 95 euros I think
Top from Kookaï : 50 euros I think

Top ( need to be ironed lol) from comptoir des cotonniers : 9Oeuros I think 
Blazer : Kookaï 120 euros
Cute little bag to put in my suitcase : 1euro ETAM
Socks : GAP 4 euros each :)

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