dimanche 26 janvier 2014

New York City !

Hello !!! This is my really first NYC article hihi! As you may already know, I have arrived in the city a few days ago. I'v been really busy so I haven't really visited the city yet, but so far, I love it ! I have done a little bit of shopping already ( Victoria's Secret, Aerie and Aeropostale). I got underwear so I don't know if you rally want to see that or not ... let me know ;)

But what I want to show you, is this amazing piece of clothe from Bethany's collection at aeropostale! I love it !!! It's so cute and curly and classy at the same time. I cannot wait to wear it !!! And I might get another one in white next week! It was supposed to be $26 but I got it for $6 !!!!! Yes, $6 !!! That's awesome !!! It's not even 4euros I think hahaha !! Thank you America ! 

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