jeudi 9 janvier 2014

Chef Lauren! 

This article has nothing to do with fashion, but I want to make this bog about all the things I love. including travelling and cooking! Let me know what you think about this kind of articles and if you want me to do more ! 

Today's recipe is " Les Oeufs cocottes". I'm not sure about the english world for that. Basically, it's eggs that you put in a casserole (cocotte) with whatever you like. Here is how I do:

- first in the bottom of the casserole, I put some chorezo and sausage. ( 4 really thin slices in totoal)
- second, I add grated cheese
- Third, I put 2 eggs on top
- more chorezo and sausage ( 4 more really thin slice)
- more grated cheese 
- put it in the oven for like 15 minutes

and voilà !  Let me know if you try this recipe :) !!!

It looks very greasy because of the melted cheese

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