vendredi 20 décembre 2013

My make up routine !

This article has been requested many time on my Tumblr so I have finally decided to do it! I took a picture to illustrate this article. I usually wear less make up on the eyes than on this picture but when I am "motivated" and I  have time, I like to add a little bit of eye liner.

-  I apply the Terracotta 4 seasons powder by Guerlain ( 61 euros but you keep it for a very long time and it is a very good product!)

- I apply a little bit of pen eye shadow - Moon river 07 by Chanel. ( I think it was 32euros or something like that). I get many compliments on it !!

- A little bit of mascara ( I don't need to wear much because my lashes are already dark and very long!)-  Chanel inimitable intense 09 ( 27euros I think)

- Lipstick sometimes : Allure by Chanel.

Make sure to check out this article for more details 

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