jeudi 26 décembre 2013

My beanie collection! 

I have been obsessed with beanies lately! It's so warm and cute I just love it. So I thought I could write an article about my favorite beanies to show you guys!

Picture 1:

The one on the left is supposed to be purple, it looks different on the picture. It is from a famous french brand Zadig&Voltaire. Check out their website they have amazing things! 

The second one on the picture is of course my brand new Marc Jacobs one. it's my favorite so far. I wore it yesterday morning to go at work it was perfecttttt. A funny thing is that the woman at the disney store thought I was american because of my look lol! 

Me after work yesterday.

more pictures

Picture 2:

The one on the left is from Louis Vuitton. It doesn't look very nice on the picture but when it's on someone's head, it looks so cute! 

The one on the right if from Munich, Germany. I don't remember where I got it exactly ... I think it was in a mall or something ... It's been my favorite for years, but he's now replaced by my MJ haha. 

London, december 2009 <3

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