mercredi 25 décembre 2013

All I want for Christmas is ... You ! haha

I hope you had a wonderful time! My christmas was a little weird this year... I had a great time but it was also filled with a lot of drama.... Many things happened especially tonight ... But yeah whatever, this is not my diary and I don't really think you care about these details of my life lol.
So, like i said,  I told my parents not to get me anything for christmas since I am moving to NYC. But they surprised me with money and a few other things that I absolutely LOVE ! I feel so blessed <3 I'll be getting more things ( including my Louis Vuitton Shawl on the 26th at night when I'll be with the rest of my family) 

So first, my mom got me this thing ( I don't know the english word lol a tag? ) to put on my suitcase for NYC :) I love the color!!

Then I got this cute little beanie " New York" from Marc Jacobs. I'll wear it tomorrow as I have to be at work around 7:15 am tomorrow !  It's so comfy !

And, I also got this GIANT mug !!! It's soooo me. Pink & girly. I love it !!!!!

Evils wears Prada 2. But my mom gave it to me a bit earlier haha

I also got money and will update the article with the presents I'll get tomorrow night. I think I'll start doing videos very soon because I feel like some articles should be filmed (this one for example). I kind of lack confidence to do it right now, but I'm getting there :) Expect a what's in my bag video soon or when I'll be in NYC :) 

Have a good day/night
Thank you for your sweet wishes <3

xx Lauren 

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