mercredi 13 novembre 2013

Yes, it's true, I am moving to NYC is 2 months ! I will be leaving Paris, my beautiful city for 6 months. As part of my studies I have to spend a couple months abroad. I am starting with an internship in NYC. I am beyond excited about moving to this amazing city !!!! I just can't wait. Of course, I'll still be blogging when I am in the USA. Expect many articles about the city and my favorite places. Also, I will hopefully be able to decorate my apartment as I wish there ! If I do, I'll of course uploads many pictures and even some videos ! I'm taking you on this journey with me ! 

One of my next articles will be about the things I want to buy when I am in NYC! I've been looking on Victoria's Secret, American Eagle etc websites already ! Damn I can't waaaaait !!!! 

2 commentaires:

  1. Quelle chance! Tu vas passer 6 mois de rêve!
    Profite bien la bas, même si c'est pour tes études :)