mercredi 13 novembre 2013

My favorite items for fall ! I Have never been a big fan of cold and wet weather, but lately I have been quite enjoying fall. Also, I am really excited about the holidays ! I just love christmas time ! The streets are so beautiful, the colors are wonderful, we have snow sometimes... We can decorate our home, we cook delicious things ... Ah ! I just love it ! 
Let's get started now !

The first item I wanna show you guys is a beanie. I am obsessed with beanies. I thins it's very cute and it keeps your warm ! Here are my favorite ones: 

American EAGLE 15euros. I love the color !!! I wish I could buy it in France ! 

H&M. For 8 euros 

awwwwwww how cute seriously !!! (( sorry, that's me being obessed  with these cute little things hahaha  :333 )) 
H&M 9,95euros 

The second thing I am obsessed with for fall/winter : scarves 


This is the one I have been using no-stop for the past 3 weeks or so. I love the colors and the details. It's perfect with a black coat. I like to wear colors !
It's from Kookaï and it's 35euros. 

Another one I like it this one. You can find it for 8euros at Forever 21. Again, I like that it's colorful !

This one is pretty simple, but still very cute. I like the sparkles they have put on it ! It's 13euros at H&M !

The next category is about sweaters , hoodies ... In winter/fall, you want to stay warm but also very comfy. I can't stand tight clothes in winter/fall. I love oversized sweaters etc ! 

I am totally picturing myself wearing this with leggings and UGGs right now ... don't judge me, I know you do too haha ! It's from H&M and it's 30euros btw. 

Pink alert !!!!!!!!!! What else to say ?? <33333 H&M, 19euros95

H&M 29euros95

Full looks : 

Girly look ! I haven't put any beanie/scarf because it really depends on the color of your coat ... The bag is from Gérard Darel if you were wondering :) and the neckless is from H&M 30euros 

Boots from Minelli 119 euros
Bag & scarf from Zadig&Voltaire 420 & 190 euros

I hope you enjoyed this article ! If you try to re-create these looks, please send me your pictures I would love to see it ! ( twitter @itslaurenep_ ) or tag me on instagram @Itslaurenep_ 

Many more articles are on their way ! Check out the blog more often ;) I'll upload one article a day ! Or at least try ! 

x Lauren - 

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