dimanche 17 novembre 2013

Hello guys ! So I didn't have the courage to write an article the past 2 days because I totally screwed up my exam... It was the MOST important exam for me, the one supposed to allow me to go to the University of California in September... I'm pretty sure I won't have the minimum score required so ... I'm kind of broken. California is my life. It was my dream to come back to Los Angeles and to study there. I worked hard to be one the best students of my school, for nothing... Ok, I don't want to bother you with this... But I felt like I had to tell you what is going on.

 I have so many ideas for my future posts... And let's get started with this one. As you already know, I am leaving for NYC in less than 2 months now. I am really excited about moving to this city, and I am so so so excited to shop there! There are so many stores in the US that we don't have in France, and it has been a year since the last time I've been in NYC/the US. As a result, I have been looking already on the websites of the American brands I love, and I have already started a list of the things I really want to get ! I want to share this list with you guys. Tell me what you think about it and tell me if you have any suggestions for me, or if you own one of these items !

Let's start with Victoria's Secret / PINK. I am not going to lie, it is the store I prefer ! It's all pink and pretty I love it haha ! Even their shopping bags are to die for ! I can never bring myself to throw them away so I keep them all. *go hide herself in a hole*

( I am not showing you the panties and bras I want, because I think that's kind of weird lol

Now at American Eagle

I want to put candles in my room, so I think I'll get candles from Bath&Beyond !

It's 21 euros

Target. I can't wait to go to this store. It's also one of my favorite stores in the USA. There are soooo many things we don't have in France or that are less expensive ! It's so cool. I  don't really like to "shop" online though, because I feel like there are much more things in the stores than on the website.
I absolutely want to buy this frame. In fact, I have printed my favorites pictures of my friends and I so that I can bring it to NYC !

I hope you enjoyed this article. Tell me if there's a store I should have a look at !!! 
New articles soon ! 

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  1. You are so lucky!! I wish I could move to NY, I visited the city some years ago and I absolutely love it!!