mardi 26 novembre 2013

Contractually bounded ! 

I didn't want to tell you before it was 100% but, now I finally can tell you that: I will be working for Louis Vuitton again !! I am so happy because I had such a good time last year and I love this fashion house! Expect an article about my favorite products soon !!!

dimanche 24 novembre 2013

My iPhone is a little fashionista ! 
I have always kind of thought that the case of your iPhone reflects your personality. You can tell if someone's girly, blahblahblah. I'm obsessed with cases ! My iPhone is a little fashionista. And here is my brand new Kenzo iPhone case. I got it in the store in Paris for 35euros. I love the color and the material on the back is awesome: in fact, when you put it on a table it "sticks" to the table. So you can't really drop it ! 

samedi 23 novembre 2013

Miss Dior Exhibition @ Grand Palais - Paris 

I was really excited about this exhibition. It was really great and fun. It was about the whole story of the Miss Dior flagrance. There were also all the dresses Nathalie Portman wears in the TV commercial. I especially loved the big bow made of Dior J'adore bottles. It's such a good idea and the bow is so beautiful hihi ! If you live in Paris you can go to the exhibition until the 25th of November!

dimanche 17 novembre 2013

Chritmas wishlist Oh Oh Oh !! 
Chritmas is sooooon ! I am really excited ! Like I said earlier, I love all the lights in the city, I love the shop windows, the general "mood" and our family vacation ! So here is my Christmas list. I already know that I won't get all these things because I am moving to NYC, so that's kind of my present. I guess I'll only get a few things like the book about NYC , the DVDs and the Ladurée Keychain. But I wanted to share with you my wish list anyway :)

Tell me what's on yours !!! 

- The Bling ring DVD : I loved this movie ! I feel like i'm the only one sometimes though lol 
UGGs : I already have 2 pairs but mine are getting very dirty ... and old
- The Great Gatsby DVD: my new favorite movie ( and soundtrack !!)
- Dior J'adore : I've always loved the scent of this perfume. But I'm a little reluctant because I feel like soooo many people wear this perfume ..
- Guide du routard NYC : a book to help me live in NYC hihi
- Ladurée Keychain : It's really pretty and It would be perfect on my Speedy Louis Vuitton !
- Homewear Oshyo : I wish I had little "uggs" to wear at home because it's so cold !!! 

Hello guys ! So I didn't have the courage to write an article the past 2 days because I totally screwed up my exam... It was the MOST important exam for me, the one supposed to allow me to go to the University of California in September... I'm pretty sure I won't have the minimum score required so ... I'm kind of broken. California is my life. It was my dream to come back to Los Angeles and to study there. I worked hard to be one the best students of my school, for nothing... Ok, I don't want to bother you with this... But I felt like I had to tell you what is going on.

 I have so many ideas for my future posts... And let's get started with this one. As you already know, I am leaving for NYC in less than 2 months now. I am really excited about moving to this city, and I am so so so excited to shop there! There are so many stores in the US that we don't have in France, and it has been a year since the last time I've been in NYC/the US. As a result, I have been looking already on the websites of the American brands I love, and I have already started a list of the things I really want to get ! I want to share this list with you guys. Tell me what you think about it and tell me if you have any suggestions for me, or if you own one of these items !

Let's start with Victoria's Secret / PINK. I am not going to lie, it is the store I prefer ! It's all pink and pretty I love it haha ! Even their shopping bags are to die for ! I can never bring myself to throw them away so I keep them all. *go hide herself in a hole*

( I am not showing you the panties and bras I want, because I think that's kind of weird lol

mercredi 13 novembre 2013

Yes, it's true, I am moving to NYC is 2 months ! I will be leaving Paris, my beautiful city for 6 months. As part of my studies I have to spend a couple months abroad. I am starting with an internship in NYC. I am beyond excited about moving to this amazing city !!!! I just can't wait. Of course, I'll still be blogging when I am in the USA. Expect many articles about the city and my favorite places. Also, I will hopefully be able to decorate my apartment as I wish there ! If I do, I'll of course uploads many pictures and even some videos ! I'm taking you on this journey with me ! 

One of my next articles will be about the things I want to buy when I am in NYC! I've been looking on Victoria's Secret, American Eagle etc websites already ! Damn I can't waaaaait !!!! 

My favorite items for fall ! I Have never been a big fan of cold and wet weather, but lately I have been quite enjoying fall. Also, I am really excited about the holidays ! I just love christmas time ! The streets are so beautiful, the colors are wonderful, we have snow sometimes... We can decorate our home, we cook delicious things ... Ah ! I just love it ! 
Let's get started now !

The first item I wanna show you guys is a beanie. I am obsessed with beanies. I thins it's very cute and it keeps your warm ! Here are my favorite ones: 

American EAGLE 15euros. I love the color !!! I wish I could buy it in France ! 

vendredi 8 novembre 2013

My favorite products to have beautiful hair 
Hello ! I am back in the city of lights! I've had a wonderful time in Madrid. I miss this city already ! But yeah, now I am back at school ... 

So, here is the article I have been talking to you about. It took a long time for me to post it, because I wanted to my sure the products are good. 


I have been trying the Phyto products for my hair for about 3 weeks now. And I have to say that 
the result is pretty amazing. My hair are really soft now and shine. People compliment me a lot more about my hair. 

The products are expensive, but very efficient. I think that if you have really damaged hair, it's a good investment.