jeudi 31 octobre 2013

What's up Madrid??
So this is not a fashion post, but I thought that maybe I could write something about my trip in Madrid. In fact, I arrived on sunday to visit friends here. So far, I have been having a blast ! I had missed this city a lot and the weather has been amazing. It feels like summer again, even though it's kind of cold sometimes. But you know, with all the colors in the city, the mountains on the back... It is just so different from where I leave ( Paris), where it really feels like winter already. 

I have been enjoying spanish food a lot again ! My mouth waters when I think about it ! Las tortillas, la patatas bravas, el queso en el pan ... y la Sangriaaa !!! It is also very cool to discover the city with people living there. They know the best places to go, not the tourist craps. 

Tonight we are throwing a party at home before we go clubbing to El Kapital ( or something like this). I am so excited to celebrate Halloween, because in France, nobody does anymore ! It's pretty sad !! I'll be a vampire and I bought my costume yesterday hihi !!! I'm so so so so excited it's ridiculous ! I'll try to upload more pictures soon :) and don't forget you can follow me on instagram ( itlaurenep_ ) and on twitter ( @itslaurenep_)

I hope you will all have a good day !! and celebrate Halloween !!
Hasta luego !!

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