samedi 26 octobre 2013

Hola Chicas ! I am flying tomorrow to Madrid to visit a friend of mine ! I am so excited to go back to this beautiful city and to see my friend ! I miss her so very much ! 
I thought it was the perfect opportunity to write an article about my airport outfit ! As it is a very short flight, I don't need to be comfy in my clothes ( otherwise I would have been wearing leggings and Uggs haha.). 

So yeah, here is my outfit ! I got a new coat yesterday ! It's matching my Carrera by Jimmy Choo sunglasses (previous article) as there are glitters on it ! I love it ! 

Coat : KOOKAI 199euros 
Scarf: KOOKAI: 35 euros
BAG: Louis Vuitton Speedy monogramme 35
Jeans: ZARA 
Boots: ZARA 80euros
Cardigan: CAROLL 80euros 

Coming up on LPMode: 
- I have been testing many hair products lately. I'm going to write an article about some of them that are working very very very well ! 
- Maybe an article about Madrid 

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