jeudi 26 septembre 2013

Paris Fashion Week, baby !

Hello everybody ! I know it has been soooo long since my last article. Life has been crazy for me lately with school and everything ... But tonight I really want to share my experience at Paris Fashion Week ! I had such a wonderful day ! First I got a new hand bag. I won't give you much details about it now though. You'll have to wait a little bit longer ! Then, I met Kristina Bazan !!!! Yes the famous blogger/model from Kayture. She is the one who made me feel like I should own a blog. I was so so so happy to see her ! She is really sweet and beautiful ! We even took a picture together. I cut my face on the picture because I really look awful haha. 
Then, I attended Nina Ricci's fashion show at Les Tuileries. I saw Olivia Palermo and Anna Wintour (of course!). The show was pretty great, I loved some of the looks ! 

I might attend another fashion show pretty soon :) I'll keep you guys updated !! 

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