mardi 6 août 2013

Make up time !

Hello guys ! I hope you're all doing fine ! I have been a bit busy lately and I didn't get the chance to write an article in a while. But here I am again ! 
I've been asked MANY times on my Tumblr what kind of make up I wear blahblahblah. My answer is always really simple, as i don't wear much make up. I only wear a bit of mascara and some powder sometimes. A few weeks ago I kind of ran out of all my ' favortie make up items'. As a result I had to do some make up shopping today. Here is what I got and the advice I've been given ! 

1/ I want to show you guys my new Chanel make up bag ! I think it's really cute ! 

2/ My eyeshadow pen

Ok, this is probably one of my favorite things I got today. It's the Moon River eyeshadow pen. It's from their new collection for this summer. The quality is AMAZING. It stays on your skin for sooo long and it's waterproof. I love the color.. I'm a big fan ! 

This is how it looks like on your skin.

3/ Mascara 
 This is my ultimate favorite mascara. I have been using it since 2010. It's the Chanel Inimitable intense 10. 

4/ Nail polish !

This is their Chanel n° 505 particulière. A friend of mine had a Dior of this color on her nails the other day. I loved it ! As a result I got this one ... I cannot wait to wear it for fall and winter ! ( I actually don't think I'll be able to wait until then to wear it but yeah ... haha ! )

6/ Samples 

They gave me some amazing samples ! I'll try some of them and make a quick review on it in the future :)

7/ Guerlain Brush
I had to get this brush... In fact, I didn't really have one. And I had to get one to apply the ext following item. It was super expensive (46euros) so I really hope I'll be able to keep it for a VERY long time ! I hate spending so much money and things like that ... But yeah ... I guess sometimes you have to ... 
tip the seller told me : she said that I should wash it with hot water and use shampoo ! 

8/ Powder 
 And here the powder everybody's has been talking me about lately ... It was also very expensive but I've heard that the quality of this product is very amazing. The name is "Terracotta 4 seasons"

I also got samples from Guerlain, but nothing worth doing a review on.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article ! You won't see much of these on my blog as I hate spending money on make up and since I'm not really into it !

have a good day xx and don't hesitate to ask me questions or request on my tumblr ! 


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