samedi 10 août 2013


Hola !!! I'm so excited to show you my new wallet ! I had planned to get a new one a few months ago but I didn't know which one I wanted. Also, my old one held a special place in my heart as I had bought it in Los Angeles, California. But to be completely honest I'm soooo done with this Marc by Marc Jacobs brand now ... I can't with their big golden plate in the middle of all their things .... I guess after 3 years I got really tired of it. And the quality is crap. So yeah, I had to get a new one ! And this little cutie from Prada caught my attention. I've never been a huge fan of Prada, but this one is really cute and classy. I love this kind of leather ! And they have soooo many colors ! My friend is getting a pink or navy one today ! I picked this blue one because I thought the color was really original and something I'll probably never get tired of. The seller told me it was a new color. 


Do you like it?

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