mardi 27 août 2013

Chanel make up 

Guten Morgen everyone ! My internship is almost over ! I can't believe it has been 3 months already ! I feel like it was yesterday that I flew to Madrid after my final exams wow .... 
It has been a great summer for me on a "personal" point of view. Even though I didn't get the chance to go out of Paris, it was awesome to discover the city in summer for the first time of my life. Also, I have met amazing people ... and I'm working out again ! My body has changed a lot during this period of time ! 

Let's now talk about what I got yesterday ( as my internship is soon ending, I wanted to use my discounts and buy the last things I needed.)

So, first , I want to show you this cute Chanel make up 'bag' ! It's really small and it says " maquillage" on it ( = make up in French). I got for free, I just love it !! 

The next thing I got is a new lip stick. So far I had a Yve Rocher one I had got for 3euros ... The quality was really not great ... So I made a little investment and got this one i ! Chanel Allure - Enigmatique 135. I love the color. It's really perfect with my eyes and skin shade. 

Then, i got the "matching" nail polish ! Which is their new one, the red Cinéma. It's a really unique red I had never seen before ... You can't really tell on the picture though ... that's too bad :(

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