lundi 29 juillet 2013

My perfect imperfection tag ! Requested on my Tumblr

I hate ...

1/   I hate the fact that I over think about EVERYTHING. It can be very exhausting sometimes... But I'm trying to get rid of this habit of mine ... 

2/   I hate my hair ... Enough said. I rarely have " good hair day"

3/   I never wake up after 8am .. That's so annoying on week ends .... I'm not an evening person but a morning person ... I wish it was the contrary. 

I love ...

1/  My eyeeeees !!! 

2/  My love for philosophy. I just love it and it's SO useful on my everyday life. I like to analyze people/ situation. I know i'm weird :P

3/ I love how determined I am to get the things I really want to achieve / have. 

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