lundi 15 juillet 2013

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton. One of my favorite fashion brand. I recently got a few items there as I went to a private sell thanks to a friend. The prices were kind of amazing and I couldn't resist ! If you follow me on instagram ( itlaurenep_), you may have seen what I got already. If not, here are the pair of shoes I bought. I know the heels are very high and I was worried it would look slutty to be honest. But when I wear them with a cute dress, it looks perfect ! I got many compliments from random people in the street hihi 

The other thing I got is more for the winter time, so you guys will have to wait a little ;D ! 
Have a good day you all ! As for me, it's my day off today. Gonna work out and go shopping :P ! 

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