mercredi 1 mai 2013

Speedy Louis Vuitton, the love of my life !

Good morning everyone ! 

First of all, I hope May will be a good month. The end of April has been amazing for me, I hope this new month will be just as good !

And now let me introduce you to the love of my life !

Yes, this is my Speedy Louis Vuitton ! I got it in October and I just can't live without it now ! I'll never regret buying it. It will always be my first Louis Vuitton  and designer bag.
Plus, I made it personalized by getting a gold hot stamp on the front, were you can see the "LP". 
As you can tell, it's getting a little bit darker on the handles parts. This is totally normal for a Louis Vuitton. It's just like wine. The older, the better

Also, I decided to go with a size 35 so that I can put my school stuff in it. One thing to know though : a MacBook Pro doesn't fit in it. So I'd recommend you to get the bigger one (40) if you want to carry you laptop in it. 

The Speedy is so easy to wear. It's perfect for every season. It's also perfect for traveling. It contains a lot ( maybe a bit too much haha ! It takes me hours to find something in this bag sometimes ... ! ) 

You can find it in any Louis Vuitton store and even on their website. The price for this size is 555euros 

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