mercredi 1 mai 2013

OUTFIT IDEAS ! Someone on Tumblr told me I should give outfit ideas. I think I'll start soon to take pictures of myself so that you can see what I wear on a daily basis. But as the weather is kind of bad for now in Paris, and I'm currently studying for my finals exams, you'll have to wait a little!

Right after my finals, I'm flying to Madrid with my sister. This is when I'll start taking pictures of my outfits and my sister's ( she's also a fashionista !) . I'll also share with you pictures from our trip. 

For now, I'll leave you with this ! Let me know what you think about it ! And if you want me to create more outfits ideas. 

Top : H&M : 4e95
Shorts : H&M : 24e95
Shoes : Zara : 45e90
Bracelet & Necklace : Zara 
Scarf : Forever 21 : 8e90
Bag : Forever 21

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