dimanche 5 mai 2013

My girly essentials ! Ma vie en rose

Ok girls, one second, let's be honest : who doesn't like pink ? haha
Yeah of course when we were 13 we used to say " pink is for babies !!!! ". But now that I am older, I have to admit that my relation ship with pink is totally different ! I just love it ! It enlight my mood every time I wear something pink. Especially in spring and summer. 

This is why I have decided to share with you my girly-ish pink essentials ! 

Ok les filles, sérieusement, qui n'aime pas le rose ? haha
Bien sûr, quand nous étions encore au collège nous disions toutes que le rose était pour les bébés ! Mais maintenant que je suis plus âgée, ma relation avec le rose a radicalement changée ! J'adooore cette couleur ! Dès que j'en mets, tout de suite je suis de meilleure humeur, surtout epdnant le printemps et l'été ! Voilà pourquoi j'ai décidé de partager avec vous mais "girly essentials" :) ! 

 So these are my 2 favorite iPhone 5 cases. The one on the left is from incase , I got it for 35euros @ Colette in Paris.
The on on the right is from a random website on Ebay and I got it for only 1euro !

My pencil case ! It's from Victoria's Secret. It is originally a make up bag, but I use it to put all my pens etc in it. It's just perfect, I love it !
I got it in washington last summer for 20dollars.

 My 2 favorite scarves for summer & spring ! The one on the left is from Kookaï and the other one is from H&M

 My Macbook pro case. it's from Incase and I got it in the french store La Fnac.

aaaaand : my favorite Chanel nail polish !! It's not pink but oral. I love it and always get good comments when I wear it ! 

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  1. You are so right! Pink is so great and the essentials are awesome!


  2. Loved your blog and will come back for sure!

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  3. Oh en bonne fan de rose et bien ... j'adore ! ;)
    Bisous tout plein, Candice de Toberomantic