jeudi 9 mai 2013

Airport outfit ideas

TRAVEL : this is my favorite thing in the world ! I wish I had more time for that though. As you may know I am a business school student, so i don't have much time to travel. But with the summer coming, I know I'll have a bit more time. Starting with Madrid in just a few days ! 
Being on a plane for many hours when you're not in comfortable clothes can be such a nightmare ! This is why I have decided to create this article.

VOYAGER : c'est ce que je préfère ! J'aimerais avoir plus de temps pour voyager , mais malheureusement je  n'ai pas beaucoup de temps, étant étudiante en école de commerce. Mais heureusement, avec l'été qui arrive, je vais avoir un peu plus de temps. A commercer par Madrid dans quelques jours ! 
Les voyages en avion peuvent se transformer en vrai cauchemars quand on ne porte pas des habits confortables... Voilà pourquoi j'ai décidé de faire cet article ! 

Leggings : H&M - 7euros95
Sunglasses : Mango - 19,95 euros
Scarf : Mango - 9euros95
Sweater : Zara - 45 euros 
Espadrilles : Zara - 50 euros 
Bag : Louis Vuitton - 555 euros 

So here is an outfit of the kind of outfit you could wear on plane.

AVOID : heels, tight clothes , jeans , too summer-ish clothes.

In fact, you don't want to wear high heels if you have to carry your luggages and even on plane, it can be very uncomfortable. 
You also don't want to wear tight clothes. If it's a long flight, again you won't be at ease. And it can be very annoying; 
And believe me, I have experienced it enough : it can get VERY cold on plane. As a result, even if it's summer, bring a sweat with you ! 

GOOD TO WEAR : flats , large clothes , leggings , comfy clothes in general. 

Here are some COMFY outfit I like :) ! 

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  1. Wanna have the shirt! Follow you now xjes

  2. travel as much as you can since the older you get the less time you will have since life sets in, so as student take advantage of it!
    If you want check out my blog if you have time :-)

  3. Lovey idea for a traveling outfit :)
    I'm following you on blog lovin, would you like to do the same?

  4. Awesome. There's nothing more that I have to say. Just awesome. Really!


  5. Très sympa cette article avec de jolies tenues ! ;)
    Bisous tout plein, Candice de Toberomantic